Problem & Solution


Crypto trading can often be an intimidating venture:

  • Beginners have to deal with complex and challenging nature of web3 as well as compete with expert traders.

  • 24/7 trading in crypto market means constant motoring is required and traders cannot be tethered to screens at all times.

  • Difficulty to seize every trading opportunity.

  • Emotional trading, driven by fear and greed.

  • Volatility inherent in market.

  • Holistic and cost-effective solutions unavailable in markets.

  • Centralization of decision-making which goes contrary to web3 principles.

  • Limited access to early investment opportunities.


XpertCoin offers a comprehensive solution to these complexities and challenges:

  • XpertCoin Trading Bot: An algorithmic trading bot that executes fast transactions to secure profits in any market condition. Our bot will automate crypto trading for users of all skill sets and cater for pitfalls faced in manual trading.

  • Preset Strategies and Strategy Builder: We endeavor to provide one-click solution to new entrants and fulfil requirements of advanced tools by expert traders. Users can select one of the strategies carefully crafted for different market conditions, may tweak it to their liking, and run in live markets to realize profits.

  • Backtesting: Users will have option to test strategies on historical market data to check performance and make adjustments.

  • Marketplace: A marketplace to promote win-win situation, where traders can share their strategies and community can thrive together.

  • Real-World Assets: Our goal is to offer an all-rounder solution to trading which also integrates tokenized real-world assets.

  • Traders NFT: Community earns passive income from our revenue sharing model, while we promote ownership and decentralization through Traders NFT collection.

  • Private Discord Channel: Where expert traders share knowledge, tools and techniques, and trading opportunities with community.

  • Xpert Launchpad: Community gains access to curated investment opportunities, fostering innovation and supporting promising projects.

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